Executive Mastère Spécialisé® program in Wine Sciences and International Trade

This post-graduate advanced Master, accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, aims at training students in wine science and wine business in France and abroad. Graduates practice as sales, marketing and purchasing managers in the wine sector as well as working in wine tourism or journalism.


The course

The course takes place between September and march (900 hours), including several trips, overall lasting over a month, either in France or abroad. It is followed by a 4-to-6 months internship done within a company, leading to the writing of a thesis, then a viva voce to obtain the degree.

The methods and science are taught by professors and professionals who can share their work experience. The course focuses on international and French wine business. Skills are reinforced by several professional meetings, conferences, thematic visits and testimonies.


Skills and jobs

The CCIV advanced Master's degree aims at answering the highly skilled job demands in the wine supply chain with a double focus:

• Scientific knowledge of wine: production, growing, viticulture, enology, tasting sensory analysis

• Professional knowledge: the different stakeholders, wine supply chain, legislation, marketing, negotiation, international trade in wine.

The CCIV Executive Mastère Spécialisé®program confers its graduates high level management skills, wine expertise, and knowledge about the wine industry and its actors, to practice in France or abroad, in sales, import/export, for wineries, estates, vintners, retailors, agents, cooperatives or professional syndicates. The graduates know their markets, they are able to share the complexity of wine, its qualities, culture, pleasure and the passion it evokes.

In the past few years, all students completed a commercial internship within a company. All graduates currently working have a job in the wine industry.


Target public

The course is a post-Master degree, it is open to everyone, French or foreign. It can be done either as core cycle course or as part of a continuing education project (for employees, jobseekers...). Participants who are admitted come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are often in the process of retraining rather than seeking to pursue on-going studies.


Admission criteria: degrees

 Engineering degree, second-year Master's degree, "Grande Ecole" Master's degree

  • First-year Master's degree with a minimum of 3 years' professional experience
  • Equivalent foreign degree.

Dispensation for a maximum of 30% of students:

  • Master's or Bachelor's degree with professional experience
  • Recognition of prior learning; no degree necessary


You must master both English and French.

All foreign candidates must first have been approved by Campus France before the 15 march 2018

Selection criteria

Selection of candidates is done by a recruitment committee made up of professors and professionals. Three sessions are planned, between mid-May and mid-July.

View and/or download the French application form in pdf format (294 Kb) 

The admission form must be sent to: AgroSup Dijon, Dept SHS, MS® CCIV, 26 Bld Dr Petitjean, BP 87999, 21079 DIJON Cedex
and by email to: sandrine.guillaume(at)agrosupdijon.fr



Fees are 11 000 €. This includes travel and accommodation fees for all study trips, excluding meals. Study trips take up around 30% of training time.